Important Announcement From Melissa

To my Family, Friends and Clients whom have become both,

As a seasoned stylist and salon owner, I often reflect back on years spent behind the chair. How styles change, boomerang back and the story each snip of hair and color tells about what phase my client was entering or escaping from. How it impacts them more than just a new look, but how they are inadvertently creating a timeline of their life. Their story. How they will reflect back at a picture and remember so effortlessly what they were doing or feeling at that moment. And then there are some styles that are just timeless. They fit in any era or evolution of self; consistent and always able to fall back on. Reliable, we know exactly how to work it and make it look our best.

When I step away from the chair at the end of the day, as the stylist creating these timelines for others, I too have a timeline, of transition, change and growth. What worked best, what was my “timeless?” And that has how I have always felt about the team at 2 Haven Street.

Gary took me in 15 years ago, very green and created an environment for me to grow, learn, fall and develop wings to venture on my own. But most importantly all while allowing me to be a mother first. I am forever grateful for his guidance and commitment.

It is of great and dignified honor to announce my return home. Where it all started!!! As of November 1st Bisou by Melissa will be coming back to Reading, Ma.

Salon fringe will always be the core of our timeline, where Gary, Marea, Trina, Sara and I started. Bisou by melissa is excited to make our legacy proud. Here’s to new beginnings in a place that will never be forgotten. Here is to continuing our timeline and growth at 2 Haven Street.

All my love,